FASHION AND STYLE | May 21, 2019

Look super fresh in all white this memorial day weekend.


Memorial Day weekend is right around the corner! In addition to honoring our military men and women, it is also the first unofficial weekend of summer, which means bbqs, pools and tons of fun outdoor activities! White has been deemed the outfit of choice for Memorial Day, hence it’s time to get your white outfits ready!  Have you ever wondered who came up with that? I know I do. Who created the no white before Memorial Day rule? You can comb through the internet and find various answers from fashion designers; white being the color the uber rich wore when the weather warmed, white makes a statement, to white not being just not an outfit choice during the winter months.

As a fashion person, I think it is fitting to wear white for three reasons; one, white reflects the sun making it a better choice than black or darker colors. Two, white represents new beginnings. Three, it just looks amazing in the sun. So as we transition into a new season, this is why white becomes so popular during the summer months, and why you need to wear this hue this season.

Let there be white!

If you are attending an all white party and not sure what to wear, don't worry because I've got you covered. Here are some pieces that you can transform to fit any special occasion, travel or relaxation planned for your summer.

white dress by ladyee boutique 




What to wear with your whites

You don't have to wear all white to achieve the look. Here is how I pulled off the trend without wearing head-to-toe white.


There is no better way to kick off the start of summer than in white! Use my shopping links and get your white outfits ready for the weekend. To all our military men and women and the families who make a sacrifice daily to fight for our freedom we salute you this Memorial Day! Thank you for making the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom!





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