Why you need a yellow bag in 2021!

I consider yellow to be my happy color. There is something about this yellow that never fails to put a smile on my face. Considering I absolutely love yellow, I surprisingly didn’t own a yellow bag up until now. Yellow has always been a color that is popular during the warm seasons. However, in 2021, yellow has made an early appearance to claim it’s spot as a fashion must-have for the entire year.
Illuminating (a lovely shade of yellow) and Ultimate Grey were named color of the year by Pantone, and I am here for it. Major fashion brands such as Bottega Venetta, Loweve, and more are creating stunning bags and other accessories in yellow. The yellow bag is the ultimate accessory for 2021 and is being produced in all the major bag silhouette trends for 2021. Scroll down to check out my fav yellow bags at all price-points, what colors look good with yellow and my latest vlog highlighting my hunt for the perfect yellow bag.

2021 top bag trends

  • Top handle,
  • Structure shoulder bags
  • Slouchy and soft
  • Structure shoulder bags
  • Fringe bags


Shop my yellow bag favs at all price-points

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Colors that look great paired with yellow.

Yellow is a lot more versatile than you think. It looks great paired with greens and oranges (colors it is paired against on the color wheel) as well as it’s opposite color purple. Don’t be afraid to rock the many shades of yellow with colors outside of the color wheel. Colors that have warm undertones such as browns, beiges also look stunning when paired with the hue. Grey is the ultimate complimentary color and also looks amazing when paired with yellow.
color wheel

color wheel


Watch my “Shop With Me” vlog where I decide between buying the Fendi peekaboo and the Bottega Veneta Cassette bag HERE

yellow peekaboo bag, fendi bag

Will you be rocking a yellow bag this year? Let me know with your comments below! 




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